The Rawlings Foundation is a global ministry designed to reach people with the Word of God. The mission is done through the work of passionate leaders and volunteers at Impact Youth Worldwide youth camps throughout the world.

How We Got Here

Dr. John W. Rawlings of Cincinnati, Ohio, had a mission: to bring the Gospel around the world. This lead to the establishment of a movement known as “The International Baptist Network.”

As founder of the Rawlings Foundation, Dr. John used his resources to realize his mission. In 1977 Dr. John and his eldest son, Herb, visited the Philippines to meet with churches and local missionaries. From these meetings came the birth of the Rawlings Foundation’s first camp.

Upon the success of this first camp in the Philippines, Dr. John was called to further explore the need for Christ in what is known as the “10/40 Window,” an area that encompassed Asia. Dr. John saw the potential for expansion and evangelical ministry here. A camp in Japan was then purchased and construction of a third camp began in Cambodia.

The Highlands Camp Ministry is ever-expanding. Since the home-going of Dr. John, the Foundation’s ministry became under the direction of his eldest son, Herb Rawlings.

The Rawlings Foundation has evolved into so much more than youth camps. Through financial assistance in church-planting, building, and expansion, and through seminaries and the Bible College in Cambodia, Dr. John’s vision grows with every blessing God has bestowed upon the ministry.

As the result of the leadership of the late Dr. John Rawlings, and now with its current director, Herb Rawlings, Impact Youth Worldwide is striving to make a deeper, lasting impact with the young people. At our camps, young hearts and minds are equipped with resources such as Bibles, training, prayer, and the available Bible institutes so that they may further their knowledge of God’s word and help share with others the love of Christ.

Honor Our Founder

Our work is not done by us alone.

As a tribute to Impact Youth Worldwide founder Dr. John Rawlings, you can sponsor a young person to attend one of our evangelistic camps for a gift as little as $20.00. All gifts are tax deductible.

In return, at your request, you will be sent a copy of his biography, “The Lord is Not Through With Me Yet, the Story of Dr. John W. Rawlings,” by Kaitlyn O. Rawlings, Dr. John’s great-granddaughter.

Please make checks payable to:

Impact Youth Worldwide

PO Box 6797

Florence, KY 41022

Help to keep Dr. John’s legacy alive and lasting. Dr. John participated in, spoke at, and sponsored countless church camps throughout his life. He recognized the success of evangelistic camps and he personally witnessed the great number of young people who made decisions for Christ and who made commitments to serve in full time ministry.

It was Dr. John’s greatest desire that as many young people as possible here at a Highlands camp what Christ has done for them. Please help to achieve this lofty goal to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with thousands at each camp, to teach the campers about the free gift of salvation, and to prepare their souls for eternity.

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