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Highlands Botswana

Highlands Botswana is a beautiful, multi-purpose facility located in the heart of one of the fastest growing capital cities in the world, Gaborone. The campus is within minutes of six colleges and universities with student populations in excess of 20,000. Also nearby are a number of junior high and high schools at which many of the campers are students.

The camp’s central location allows those living in the city and numerous nearby villages on the outskirts of Gaborone to reach our camp quickly and affordably by public transport. While looking for something exciting to do on weekends, students can attend camps held on Saturdays.

In the first five years of the camp ministry, Highlands Botswana welcomed over 10,000 campers, thousands of whom accepted Christ as their Savior. Many young people reached in camps of years past are now mature in their faith and taking leadership roles reaching their peers.

Highlands Botswana facilities are also home to two other growing ministries: Desert Streams Fellowship, a multicultural Baptist church, and The Learning Centre School, a K3-12 Christian school.

The Learning Centre School is one of the top educational facilities in Botswana. With a student enrollment in excess of 550, the student body represents 31 different countries from varying religious and ethnic backgrounds. The school is recognized nationwide for their high standards in all areas of student life, for their excellent results in nationwide exams, for their growing sports programs, and especially for their strong testimony for Christ. The school has seen over 500 students and staff come to Christ through the teaching of God’s Word daily in the classrooms, weekly chapels, their annual Spiritual Emphasis Week, and numerous special events held throughout the school year. The Learning Centre now has alumni on five continents.

The Highlands Botswana campus is also used for Christian concerts, conferences, and special community events. It is in use in some capacity seven days a week throughout the year, and has been an incredible blessing to the people of Botswana.

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