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A Glorifying Camp in Cristo Rey

The Highlands Dominican Republic Camp had 434 young people from Cristo Rey attend. Campers had competitions, activities and heard the gospel of Christ. We glorify God for 45 that made decisions for Christ! May 1, 2019 Dominican Republic

Highlands Camp Aleman & Ramón Santana

218 young people from Batey Aleman came to our complex to hear the Gospel of Christ. Praise the Lord for the 47 made decisions for Christ! April 30, 2019 Dominican Republic

Students Continue Their Walk With Christ as they Attend Follow Up Camp

We prepared a special Follow Up camp for the 95 young people that made decisions for Christ in previous camps. We had workshops for them talking about the new life in Christ. We talked about Salvation, sin, reading the Bible and Prayer. Bless the Lord for His grace! April 27, 2019 Dominican Republic

Medical Operations in San Cristobal

The Mobile Clinic went to San Cristobal to make a medical operations. Members of De Jesús Baptist Church were with us helping and serving 176 people of the community. Praise the Lord for 4 that made decisions for Christ! Dominican Republic April 24, 2019

April Highlands Camp Report

April Report Highlands Camp wanted to share what we have been able to do during April. We were able to have 3 Camps and 4-day camps. Everyone that was able to come really enjoyed the activities. This month we had 2 kids, 1446 teenagers, 61 adults. The total number of attendees was of 1,509, with […]

Youth Receive the Teachings of the Gospel at Youth Camp

Recently 435 students from the Matanza sector, Bani, came to Highlands Dominican Republic for a two day camp. They played games and heard the Gospel of Christ. Praise the Lord for 95 that made decisions for Christ! Dominican Republic  April 24, 2019

Highlands Camp Serve in Iglesia El Gran Mandamiento

285 young people came to the Dominican Republic complex to join us for the camp “How to Know You” where we share the gospel with the campers. We praise the Lord for the 38 students who made decisions for Christ! Dominican Republic April 13, 2019    

Mobile Clinic Serves Brisas del Este

God, in His grace, gave the Highlands Dominican Republic Mobile Clinic the opportunity to serve in Brisas del Este with the Brisas del Este Baptist Church. We praise the Lord for this time where we saw and preached to 211 people, and 17 people made decisions for Christ! Dominican Republic April 11, 2019

Cambodia Youth Camp 2019 Bring Tons of Smiles

We love these smiles! These campers are enjoying their time with their friends and making good memories! #BraveHeart #YouthCamp2019 #highlandscampcambodia Cambodia April 26, 2019

BraveHeart: The Beginning of life

We praise God for all He has done! After four groups of Evangelistic Camps, a total of 3,470 people have attended camp. 1,461 accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior and 219 followed Christ through water baptism! A great harvest in a buddhist country! To God be the Glory! #BraveHeart #YouthCamp2019 #highlandscampcambodia Cambodia April 26, […]