Prayer Conference at Highlands Belgium

From February 11 to 14, a prayer conference was hosted by Highlands Belgium to network among the churches in Belgium and northern Europe to bring them together to learn about prayer. The teaching was led by Dr. P. Douglas Small, founder of the international and interdenominational organization Project Pray. More than 60 pastors and key leaders from 18 churches gathered to hear about the ministry of Highlands Belgium, how to recruit the unchurched youth of their communities, and how to support the camps as volunteers. All 8 sessions were well attended and translated from English to French.

After the conference, a group of attendees met outside the main NATO gate to pray for the 50 nations represented at this military base. Most importantly, as the first event hosted by Highlands Belgium under new directors, the focus was on prayer for the lost as well as the effectiveness of the Highlands Belgium team – and local churches – in reaching them.

Highlands Belgium
February 2016

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