A Busy February at Highlands Colombia

February marked the beginning of the first camp season of 2016. We began with a three-day camp with one of the toughest high schools in Bogota. It was a great start to the season, as we saw once again God’s mercy in using us as His instruments. Many students accepted Jesus Christ as their savior!

This year’s theme is “Superheroes” and focuses on the ways Jesus is our hero who has saved us, His mission, and who sent Him. Before leaving camp on the third day, all students gathered to hold hands and pray as a group.

We also held four-day camps in February, welcoming teachers, policewomen, elderly visitors, and a parent-and-son group. It’s wonderful to see how the same powerful message reaches many different groups of people.

Our numbers for February are:

  • 511 attendees, 684 total present
  • 58 volunteers
  • 64 Highlands Colombia staff members
  • 51 Police Officers
  • 173 decisions for Christ!

We look forward to a busy month in March! Please keep us in your prayers as we move forward in 2016 with a very full agenda. There are already 35,000 people planning to come hear the good news, not to mention the possibility of a visit from 100,000 police officers in the near future! We never forget why and for whom we do this work. God bless!

Abyzhadwl Prado
Director of Alcance, Highlands Colombia
February 2016


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