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God’s Work in Los Altos

We visited Los Altos in San Pedro with our mobile clinic. We provided medical service to 99 people, including a very sweet man who is 103 years old! We praise the Lord for 2 people made decisions for Christ. Glory to God! Highlands Dominican Republic April 27, 2017

Camp Update From Highlands Philippines

God is good! As of our 66th camp at Highlands Philippines, we are blessed to share that there have been: 64,018 campers 30,814 decisions to accept Christ as their personal savior 11,020 commitments to discipleship 6,662 baptisms To God be the glory! Highlands Philippines May 15, 2017

Day of Fun With 244 Students at Highlands DR

Here are some photos from a one day camp with 244 students from Francisca Rogers School. They enjoyed various activities and heard the Gospel of Christ. Praise the Lord for 6 young people who made decisions for Christ! Highlands Dominican Republic May 5, 2017

163 Campers and 7 Professions of Faith

Another one-day camp at Highlands Dominican Republic with students from Francisco del Rosario Sanchez School. This camp had 163 young people and 7 Professions of Faith! Highlands Dominican Republic May 3, 2017

236 Students from Francisco del Rosario Sánchez

We held a one day camp at Highlands Dominican Republic with 236 students from Francisco del Rosario Sánchez School. God was glorified and 35 young people made decisions for Christ! Highlands Dominican Republic April 28, 2017

April Update From Highlands Nicaragua

We thank God for the opportunity to share the Gospel with so many young people here at Highlands Nicaragua. This past April, we received 694 campers through one-day camps. Glory to God! Highlands Nicaragua May 9, 2017

Despite the Conflict

Despite opposition in conflict cities like Reynosa, Tamaulipas, a bus full of campers came to experience God and to learn to trust in Him. 857 campers were welcomed to Highlands Coahuila, and 247 received Christ as Lord and Savior! Highlands Coahuila, Mexico May 5-6, 2017

A Divine Date with God

521 campers arrived at our facilities expecting only to have fun; but they also got something else: a divine date with God. This time we had 186 decisions for Christ! Highlands Coahuila, Mexico April 28-29, 2017

Advance Camp 2017 at Highlands Coahuila

A week of teaching, serving and praying with our Advance Camp. Kids returned to Highlands Coahuila for a more personal training and discipleship and had the chance to play new games and engage in deeper conversations about the Word of God. Around 200 joined us for a week of blessings! Highlands Coahuila, Mexico April 16-20, 2017

Reaching New Cities

As we grow our ministry’s reach, we are blessed to have welcomed 481 campers from new places such as Gomez Palacio, Durango and Victoria, Tamaulipas. These young people joined us for activities and worship. Praise God for the 140 who received Christ. It was blessed time. Highlands Coahuila, Mexico April 21-22, 2017

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